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European Business College  was established in 1990 by Botyou Borissov: Engineer (1970), author of ten inventions; speciality - economics (1986), Doctor of economics - thesis “Return on capital” (1980) author of more than 150 paper studies on economics, management, marketing and innovatics; lecturer at the Higher Institute of Economics (now University) in Sofia since1977-1992; CMC (Certified Management Consultant by the London Institute of Management Consulting) since 1998; Director of the Institute of the small and medium-sized business in Sofia since 1998, General Manager of FUMI Co. HOLD Ltd since1992.
After the National Education Act was passed in 1992, FUMI Intellect received a licence to issue documents, recognised by the state, “Durzhaven Vestnik”, issue № 6/1993.
Since the first day of its establishment till now 1200 qualification degrees have been acquired.
As a result of the systematic and applied research of the college team more than 60 text-books have been published in over 200 improved editions.
After the Vocational Education and Training Act was passed in 1999, the College automatically fulfilled its requirements because all the time FUMI Intellect has been operating in accordance with the European standards.
FUMI as a Bulgarian abbreviation means: corporate management, marketing and economics. In Japanese the word “FUMI” stands for “education” and “culture”.