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FIA.04: Program for achievement of profession
and specialty of Informatics
General conditions
The conditions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 и 1.6 of the Program FIA.01 are relevant for this specialty too.
The Program FIA.03.021 is acquirable according to the respective state educational requirements, after which it not reach to IV DVQ. The college has full training program in this profession.
Vocational competencies
Those who have obtained the I-st degree of VQ (1-st semester) have the same training level as those in “Management“ specialty They can work as executives in management divisions of the company under direction of a specialist.
Those who have obtained the II-nd degree of VQ (1-st and 2-nd semester) have the same training level as those in the “Management” specialty They can work as assistant-specialists in management divisions of the company in changing business conditions.
The students who have obtained the III-rd degree of VQ (I-st, 2-nd and 3-rd semester) can project and organize an innovation process. They can project and organize the necessary qualification in implementing new technologies. They can work out the budget of the business activity. They can discount cash flows and do computer business calculations. They are qualified to work in Internet. They can create and maintain data bases. They can program in Java Script etc. they can work as system administrators and maintain computerized information system of the company and take responsibility for the performance of others.
Those who have obtained the IV-th degree of VQ (1-st, 2-nd, 3-rd and 4-th semester) have to knowledge and skills to work out a business plan in accordance with the European Standards. They can calculate precisely the return on investment. They are qualified in pre-text processing, computer design and advertisement and web design.
They can start up their own small business in the specialties or work such business as leading specialist. They can take responsibility for the performance of others and allocate investment funds.
The graduated students (1-st, 2-nd, 3-rd, 4-th and 5-th semester) obtain basic vocational knowledge in logistics, security of the company, public relations, as well as и thorough specific knowledge in pre-text processing and web design, computer-information system maintenance, computer design and advertising and internet systems.
They are able to work out pre-text processing of newspapers, magazines and books.
They could work as specialists as well as start their own business in the field of the pre-text processing and information technologies.