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International students
European Business College and the international students
European Business College offers to the international students a wide range of opportunities depending on their interests and vocation.
A.  College trainings for the acquisition of profession and specialty and the highest IV degree
of vocational qualification with a possibility oftransfer in bachelor programme
Profession           Subject
Management       •   Office management
                            •   Production management
                            •   Marketingmanagement
                            •   Firm security
                            •   Entrepreneurship
Marketing             •   Retail trade
                            •   Wholesale trade
                            •   Advertising agency
                            •   Trade mediation
                            •   Logistics
Economics           •   Accountancy of the enterprise
                            •   Financing and investment
                            •   Salary and insurances
                            •   Economist-publisher
Informatics           •   Pre-text processing
                            •   Computer design and advertisement
                            •   Web design
Tourism               •   Hotel management and hospitality
                            •   Restaurant management
                            •   Guiding
                            •   Traditional tourism management and entrepreneurship
                            •   Non-traditional tourism management and entrepreneurship
B.  Vocational courses for the acquisition of III degree of vocational qualification with
a possibility of transfer in College programme for the acquisition of profession and specialty
•     Construction worker
•     Construction technician
•     Еlectrician
•     Technician of power appurtenances (power technician)
•     Technician of agromechanization
•     Farmer
•     Technician in landscaping
•     Technician-forester
•     Guiding services
•     Hotel-keeper (hotel services)
•     Cook
•     Barman (catering, barmanship and waitership)
•     Мasseur (fitness proceduresand massage)
•     Hairdresser (hairdressing)
•     beautician (cosmetics)
C.  Specialization
This is a continuing vocational training which extends the competences in the already acquired profession and specialty with the purpose of being able to work out more complicated professional and management tasks.
Campus and living conditions
European Business College is a place to be at home, to study, and to play, because the campus includes not only lecture halls and libraries, but also student accommodation, sport and leisure activities and green fields. The campus is situated in the town of Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) in a very convenientlocation.
For the training purposes there have been furnished:
•     Phonetic language laboratories
•     Computer language laboratories
•     Video-halls
•     Library in Bulgarian language and reading-room
•     Library in foreign languages
•     Bookshop
•     CopyShop
For the sake of convenience of our students we ensure:
•     Boarding-house
•     Dental surgery
•     Playground, gym hall and fitness center under the guidance of professionals
•     Coffee Bar
•     Laundry
•     Canteen
Boarding house rental rates:
1.    Single accommodation based on double occupancy - 105 EUR per month.
2.    Single room - 210 EUR per month.
All foreign nationals pay the equivalent in Bulgarian currency /leva/
Language training
In the 2009-2010 academic year the study process in  European Business College will be carried outin Bulgarian language. That’s why the training in the college is anticipated by 9 month Bulgarian language course in specialized Institute for language teaching of international students, which is part (department) or St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia – the oldest high school in Bulgaria (created in 1888).
The Institute for language teaching of international students is the oldest and most reputable state institution for language teaching in Bulgaria. It issues a Certificate of the level of competency in Bulgarian, which is an official document of international recognition, according to the standards of ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe). It entitles its holder to continue his/her education in post-secondary schools on the territory of Bulgaria.