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Mission and objectives
The mission of the College is to train entrepreneurs and specialists for the small and middle-sized business, who have advantage of being able to work by the standards of the European Union and to prosper and live intelligently.
Under intelligence is to be understood the ability to develop capabilities for rational thinking and effective acting.
The main objective is to turn out entrepreneurs and specialists who can join practice with no additional training, who know how to prosper and how to remain prospering.
For the realisation of the mission all the tuition in the College is dominated by learning practical knowledge and mastering skills in management, marketing and economics. The strategy of training stresses on developing analytical and heuristic thinking as well as on developing skills for practical activity. To this purpose methods of heuristic training are used, including the method of “Evridika”, developed and used by the founder of the College since 1977 till now.
 The vocational skills, the practical computer training and the command of business English at the level of internationally recognised standards give the college students an opportunity to achieve an effective professional and life realisation.