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Study content
The training by this programme ensures the acquirement of I-st, II-nd, III-rd and IV-th degree of VQ (vocational qualification). The entire training at the College lasts two and a half years (all in all five semesters). It also includes:
Business English £ the training in Business English begins from zero level and takes up 35% of the study time of the four semesters; the training is carried out by original text books and allows sitting for the exams at the Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the Pitman Institute in order to obtain the corresponding Certificates;
Informatics £ the training in Informatics begins from zero level and comprises word and text processing, electronic tables (Excel) and business calculations in Windows system, and takes up 10% of the study time without considering the language classes hours.
The training ends up with a defence of a diploma paper.
Text books are provided for all educational subjects.
For the 2009-2010 academic year the training process in the College will be held only in Bulgarian language. That’s why the training in the college is anticipated by minimum 6 (six) months training in Bulgarian language in specialized Institute for foreign students language training.
Basic subjects studied in specialist programme
Vocational competence
Working in the sector of the SMB demands vocational skills which enable performance on multifunctional positions. Let us take for instance the position of an office secretary who has to cope with the operative accounting or with the office management; or with some marketing activities; or with management of a shop; entrepreneurship and so on.
That is why the training programmes of the College comprise a wide range of business subjects that enable the students to attain multifunctional vocational competence.