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FIA.05: Program for achievement of profession
and specialty of tourism
General conditions
The conditions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 и 1.6 of the Program FIA.01 are relevant for this specialty too.
The traditional tourism includes the classical rest at the seaside or in the mountain (in the winter and in the summer) and the traditional trips abroad.
The non-traditional tourism includes rural, eco, cultural, hunting and all other types of tourism out of the traditional ones.
The training in this program includes knowledge and skills which are requisite for the management including administration of all processes in the respective tourism, starting from the tourist product and finishing with the dispatch of the tourist served.
Vocational competencies
Those who have obtained the I-st degree of VQ (1-st semester) have the same training level as those in “Management“ specialty and have mastered the same knowledge and skills.
Practice work I starts their specialization in this profession and specialty at I DVQ level.
They can work as assistant managers of a tourist company. They can carry out only routine procedures in unchangeable circumstances.
Those who have obtained the II-nd degree of VQ (1-st and 2-nd semester) have the same training level as those in the “Management” specialty.
Practice work II continues their specialization in this profession and specialty at II DVQ level.
They can work as executives managers of a tourist company in changing business conditions.
The students who have obtained the III-rd degree of VQ (I-st, 2-nd and 3-rd semester) add basic knowledge in sociology, environment protection, fundamentals of the Euro integration, psychotraining and Initial Business English.
They add also specific vocational knowledge in tourism, related with the state regulation of the different kinds of tourism. They are able to work out plans and budgets of definite tourist and subsidiary activities and to organize and control their implementation.
Practice work III specialize them the profession and initiate them in the specialty.
They can work as managers of the tourist activity under changing business conditions. They can also bear responsibility for the performance of other people.
Those who have obtained the IV-th degree of VQ (1-st, 2-nd, 3-rd and 4-th semester) add basic vocational knowledge in whole sale and retail trade, business planning, industrial and monetary Euro integration and Business English. They can make computer business calculations and know Advanced Business English.
They add profound specific knowledge and skills in the different specialties (traditional and non-traditional tourism) and acquire skills to work out business plans of specific tourist places and on their basis to organize their activity.
Practice work IV specialize them specialties.
They can work as managers of specific tourist places.
The graduated students obtain basic vocational knowledge in logistics, security of the company, public relations, as well as thorough specific knowledge in financial management, innovation management and entrepreneurship.
They are able to work out business plans and budgets of a starting business in the tourism assessing the risks and the return of investments and on this basis to make investment decisions to start new tourist places and activities.
They could become managers of tourist firms as well as start own business, i. e. to become entrepreneurs.