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Training process
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Training process

The process of training is based on dialogue and on heuristic methods
The students have at their disposal the necessary text books and work books. The theoretical stuff gets learned through self-preparation and at the College only some basic theoretical problems are explained. Most of the training time is spent in discussing case studies and in solving practical problems and all that takes place with the active participation of the students.
Talking over case studies and solving practical problems help the students to develop their capabilities for analytical thinking and thus to master skills for practical performance in life. The students are all the time engaged in sol­ving practical problems that are closely related both to the elaboration of a small enterprise business plan (that has been chosen on their own), and to the elaboration of a diploma paper.
In the process of elaborating written papers the mastered knowledge and skills get complete structured and harnessed in a working system of practical thinking.
And all that contributes to accumulating personal assets that will serve and favour the students throughout their lives.
The training process continues five months “October-February” and “March-July”. The learning of the study units becomes in logical consistency, trough which the system of vocational competencies of the trained profession is formed. The training in every semester has specific completeness. The exams in the study units are organized in permanent exam session £ after the conclusion of the training of the unit.
The individual performance and the capability of adopting the achievements of others as ones that do good to the community and society are encouraged in the entire course of training.
Prosperity, intelligence and integrity of the individuals in community and society on the basis of exchanging individually or collectively produced goods are put to the foreground..
In the continuing training education process is strongly individualized programme is based on dialogue, consultancy and practice.