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This programme comprises the entire “Specialist” programme plus one more 6-th semester, the completion of which allows continuing in the III-rd year of Bachelor programme in the New Bulgarian University or some other Higher educational institutions. In accordance with the state educational requirements for the study contents in the first two years of each Bachelor programme Higher Mathematics and other subjects are studied during the 6-th semester.
The 6-th semester can be started right after the 5-th semester, i. e. at the latest on the 30-th of March of the current year and goes on until the 30-th of September. In case of a group of ten or more students, the training is carried out in a regular or extramural form. In case of a smaller group however, the individual form of training is implemented. The sixth semester can also be started at the beginning of the academic year. (1-th of October).
In both cases entering the III-rd course of the other Higher Educational Institution takes place at the beginning of the academic year. To this purpose a certain set of documents should be presented, including: a diploma from EUBC, a certificate for finished adjustment semester, academic reference and an application form of the respective Higher Educational Institution.
The tuition fees for FIA Programme correspond with the present low standard of living of most Bulgarian people, and not with the high standard and quality of training received at the College
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