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Vocational courses
1. (а) European business college FUMI Intellect, in common with  с associated CVT (centers for vocational training) carries out trainings  in Programs “Vocational courses for acquisition of part of profession or definite degree of vocational qualification – I, II or III”, in short “VC Programs”.
(b)      The enrollment in “VC Programs” is with secondary education, finished wit minimum FX mark (over 50%).
(c)      The finished “VC Programs” obtain recognized in EU Certificates for acquired vocational qualification,
with which they could  practice the profession on its territory.
(d)     The training under this programs last one and half year (three semesters) for acquisition of part of
III-th degree of vocational qualification (one semester for each degree of vocational qualification).
(e)      The finished “VC Programs” with good result (mark „С” according to the European system of assessment
(over 70%) could continue the training in the college in a special programme for continuing training for the acquisition of part of IV-th degree of vocational qualification.
(f)      The finished IV degree of vocational qualification could subsequently continue its education in
the 2 years programme for the acquisition of bachelor degree in New Bulgarian University or other universities, with which the college has contract.
2.       For the academic year 2009/10 the college offers continuing vocational training in the following professions and specialties:
1.       Profession „Construction worker
1.1.    Specialties „Shuttering, reinforcement and concrete, masonry”
1.2.    Specialties Plaster and ground coat, interior and exterior facings, floorings and mosaics”
1.3.    Specialties Building redecoration and pargeting”
1.4.    Specialties Roofs, construction carpentry and construction tinsmith’s trade”
1.5.    Specialties Ferro-concrete constructions and metal constructions”
1.6.    Specialties Construction insulations, dry construction, joinery and glazing”
1.7.    Specialties Interior and exterior water-supply and sewerage meshwork”
2.       Profession Construction technician”
2.1.    Specialty Construction and architecture”
2.2.    Specialty Water construction”
2.3.    Specialty „Тransport construction”
3.       Profession „Еlectrician”
3.1.    Specialties „Еlectrotechnical machines and apparatuses and electro household machinery”
3.2.    Specialty „Electrofurnishing of hoisting and construction, elevator and electrotransport technics”
3.3.    Specialty Electrofurnishing of production enterprises and electric installations”
3.4.    Specialty Electrofurnishing of transport technics (automobiles, railway technics, shipping)”
3.5.    Specialty „Electroenergetics”
4.       Profession Technician of power appurtenances” (Power technician)
4.1.    Specialty Refrigeratory and air-conditioning technics”
4.2.    Specialty Thermotechnics”
4.3.    Specialty Gas technics”
4.4.    Specialty Tydrotechnics”
4.5.    Specialty Renewable power source”
5.       Profession Technician of agromechanization”
5.1.    Specialty Mechanization in the plant-growing”
5.2.    Specialty „Mechanization in the stock-farming”
6.       Profession Farmer”
6.1.    Specialty Vegetable production”
6.2.    Specialty Perennial plants”
6.3.    Specialty Herbs, essential oils and melliferous cultures”
6.4.    Specialty Apiculture and silkworm-breeding”
6.5.    Specialty Poultry-farming.”                                
6.6.    Specialty „Мilk stock-farming,”
7.       Profession Technician in landscaping
7.1.    Specialty Floriculture”
7.2.    Specialty Landscape architecture”
8.       Profession Technician- forester”
8.1.    Specialty Forestry and wood industry.”
8.2.    Specialty Mechanization in the forestry”
8.3.    Specialty Game-farming”
9.       Specialties in the tourist and public services
9.1.    Specialty Guiding services”
9.2.    Specialty Hotel services”
9.3.    Specialty Cook”
9.4.    Specialty Catering, barmanship and waitership”
9.5.    Specialty Fitness procedures and massage”
9.6.    Specialty Hairdressing”
9.7.    Specialty „Cosmetics”